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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nowadays, as living standards in both urban and rural areas continue to improve, an increasing number of people are suffering from Rich MansDiseases which include constipation, obesity, colorectal cancer, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. These diseases are mainly caused by unhealthy diet and lifestyle, such as staying up late, excessive drinking, smoking, over-consumption of fatty and sugary food and low intake of dietary fiber, vitamin and mineral substance. Medical specialists atGuangdong Clifford Hospital recommend cupping therapy to help prevent and cure diseases and boost self healing ability and immunity of the human body. Chinese Traditional Medicine Cupping Therapy Although cupping therapy is effective in treating a variety of diseases, it is recommended to follow the tips below.1. Avoid applying cupping to the same place repeatedly.2. Dont take a bath immediately after cupping, especially a cold one.3. Dont apply cupping for a long time. Besides, cupping therapy should not be applied on pregnant women, children under 6, the elderly above 70 years old, or patients with heart failure, hemophilia or a bleeding tendency. Moreover, women should not apply cupping therapy during the menstrual period. Cupping therapy is a popular natural therapy. Different kinds of natural therapies are available at Clifford Hospital International Natural Medicine Center which is the worlds largest and the most comprehensive of its kind. It provides over 180 natural therapies including sound therapy, phototherapy, electrotherapy, hyperthermia, magnetic therapy, hydrotherapy, medical qigong, acupuncture and herbal cuisine, etc. English Hotline:(8620) Page:Clifford Hospital Guangzhou China Cupping therapy is a physical therapy and also a method of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has long been practiced in the country. There are many kinds of cupping tools, e.g. the bamboo cup. Glass cup is widely used in clinics and suction cup is often used in household health care. The common method of cupping is fire cupping. In a typical fire cupping session, the therapist ignites a cotton ball that is soaked in alcohol and holds it with a pair of forceps. He also holds a special cup at a slight angle near the patients skin with the other hand. Then the burning cotton ball is inserted deep into the cup and quickly removed, and immediately the rim of the cup is placed firmly onto the skin. Cups are generally left in place for 5 to 15 minutes.
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