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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cuba's geography Randall Barry Frazier The island is mountainous in in the Southeast and South central area. It is flat or rolling else where. The landscape is semi-desert to tropical rain forest. There are two mai The island is mountainous in the southeast and southcentral andflat or rolling else where.The landscape is semi-desert to tropical rainforests. The two main seasons are rainyfrom May to October then dry fromNovember to April. Cuba is in the caribbean sea. Cuba has 42,426 square miles.Cuba is the largest island in the indies. Cuba's economy is based on its socialistic governmentThe various sections grow tobaccofish, farming,coffee, and nickle mining.Cuba's food is a mixture of Spanish and Caribbean dishes. They uselots of spices in their cooking.The official language is Spanish. The country is divided into 14 provinces. Cuba's Social Economics Cuba's economy is basedon its socialistic government. Which means it is state controlled. Their economy grows tobacco,coffee,fish (is not grown),and nickle mining. ***EXPORTS***sugarnickeltobaccofishmedical productscitruscoffee Political Cuba's government is a single party state thathas been governed by the Castro familyfor many decades. Their total economy is state controlled. Their currency is Cuban peso.The capital is Havana. Personal Actions I would let people drivenew cars and also let the countryU.S. related government. Sources
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