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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INTERVENTION REVOLUTION NEGATIVESASPECTS US US had the control of the politics in Cuba, like the interventions in administration and occupation. US controlled the movie theaters, all the movies were play by Marilyn Monroe English was incorporated in the Cuban language,some words were changed, and they were used in English instead of Spanish. In 1914 US held 17% of all investments in Latin America;by 1929 it held 40% with mostof in Mexico and Cuba. US was the most important allied of Cuba, because it gave Cuba all theproducts that were needed, and in exchange, Cuba gave them sugar. POSITIVESASPECTS US servicemen constantly harassed the Cuban population, the Cuban government was tolerant and even thought they were in Cuban territory US forces didn't response to the laws. Tourism in Cuba grow ( before the revolution, about 85% was made up from Americans). Most of the media and upper class fled to the US. Nowadays Women ertr involved in leadership roles during the revolution. this led to equal rights as men in political and social fields. Freedom of speech and press is restricted. some newspapers were close and others were taken overby the government . Economic faulures in Cuba, due to the blockade of US. Cuba sufferedfrom food shortage due to failure in the agricultural sector. Two years ago, there still were 2,600 prisionersin Cuba from different places but they were forgivenand let them free. Free health car and equal acces to it.This is why Cubans have a high life expectancy. Fidel officially made Raul his successor in October 1997. In 2006, Fidel put Raul in charge of the Cuban government. In 2011, a lot of new jobs were created, one is the buying and selling cars that Castro approved in order to improve the economy of the country and population. Cuba have the lowest-birth rate in the whole westernhemisphere, this seems to contradict the reality sinceCuba is the most colinized country in all the caribbeanwith over 11 million inhabitants.
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