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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 America in the World 1865-1945 Economically- Expanded the U.S. to be open to more open to international trade-end of civil war allowed for the US to finish the process of industrialization Labor- increased immigration- low wage jobs for immigrants - less jobs for Americans, which led to the formation of unions(some of which were supported by the government) Migration- population growth(in some cases, overpopulation)-caused some Americans to fear immigrants, because of the large number of immigrants arriving(led to continued racism) -prohibition(between WW 1-2)-years after WW2 were the Golden age for the U.S. , because of the great economic boom Major aspects of domestic debates over US expansionism: Goals of US policy makers in major international conflicts(Spanish-American war, WW1 2, Cold War) were: How these conflicts altered the Us role in world affairs: -No arms trade, after WW1, until US aided Britain in WW2 Imperialism allowed for mass production of consumer goods and the growth of businesses and the emergence of the modern American corporation. Some Americans didn't want imperialism(expansionism) because the pattern of over-production and under-consumption lead to problems in the post-Civil war economy During this time, the Presidents sought to prevent any single country from dominating the centers of strategic power in Europe and Asia Since the late 19th century, growing interconnection with the world affected US society by: US involvement in global conflicts(WW1-2, Cold War), set the stage for these domestic social changes: US foreign policy, in the early 20th century can be described as generally confident, sometimes aggressive, and even cautious-which led to outright isolationism. During and after the Great Depression, the president(Roosevelt) andthe government tried, in vain, to return the country to internationalism. Imperialism was not wanted by some because of the overproduction and underconsumption it caused in the post civil war economy.
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