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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cryogenics Controversy IMPACT Within the 21st Century, Its believed that bio- technology will be able to stop aging and reverse it; that people will live almost all of their very long lifetimes as healthy,happy, and productive world citizens Negatives 1. 2. Introduction Frozen cells can be kept alive for very long periods of time in a state called suspendedanimation. Almost immediately after rapidthawing, the frozen cells regain normal activity. Fun fact: Microprocessors in computers run faster when theyrecold. Supercomputers have beenbuilt with their processors immersedin liquid nitrogen, doubling processing power. By: Wyatt Johnson Imagine being frozen in time to escape a deadly illness, then getting warmed when a cure is found. There is question on whether cryogenic methods should be used. Thanks to Cryobiology blood can be frozen and stored for indefinitely for many years as opposed to only three weeks as it was before cryogenic technology was used. Cryogenics hopes to one day freeze organs so there would no longer be a waiting list and wait for a single person to donate 3. If cells are not frozen fast enough they will explode and die. Many biological reactions may take place in temperatures as low as negative nine degrees Celsius. And, ice crystals, which form as temperatures as low as negative one hundred and thirty degrees Celsius,will destroy the frozen cells A popular myth is that walt disney froze himself for the future, but he was actually cremated The main problem here is that no one knows for sure if it will really work, if the people who are already frozen will ever "wake up"
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