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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 crowfynd is the first ever mobile and social application that uses crowdsourcing for Lost, Found and Crime reporting. Born in Chicago, crowdfynd is reimagining how the world disseminates information related to personal property, and . be found. The quicker the items are found, the less you and your staff will be burdened. We're local and happy to help. Lets face it, figuring out what to do with the items left at your Lost & Found booth can be a pain. Partnering with crowdfynd offers your staff another avenue for connecting lost items with their owners. Our easy-to-use application is free to your patrons and allows photos of lost & found items to be instantaneously posted to the Cloud and easily shared on social media, thus increasing the chances that these items will we would like to help make your event's Lost & Found process run more efficiently. - Help you to connect lost items with their rightful owners quickly and efficiently - Provide trained volunteers to staff your Lost & Found booth- If your event doesn't have a Lost & Found booth, we can help you set one up*- Train your volunteers and staff to understand crowdfynd best practices- Mention your event in our marketing collateral - Mobile & web-based platform that allows users to post items from their smartphone or laptop- Geo-targeted posts let users know when and where an item was lost or found- Photo sharing allows members to know exactly what the lost or found item looks like- Direct Messaging allows users to communicate directly and discreetly- Users may offer rewards to incentivize others to return a found item Why Partner with crowdfynd? *crowdfynd is not responsible for Lost & Found items after event ends What We Can Do For You App name: crowdfynd @crowdfynd Lost & Found Made Easy What We Can Do For You Why Partner with crowdfynd?
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