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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children discipline Parents must provide food, shelter, education, and medical care for their child. Parents must pay child support if they are divorced or separated. Both parents must support their child. A paternity suit may be brought into court if a man denies being the father of a child. Blood samples and DNA are used to determine the father. Children are free from legal control and custody of their parents when they turn 18, get married, join the armed forces, or become self-supported. Adult children must support their parents when they are in need. Responsibilities of Parents and Children Paternity Support Emancipation Family Responsibility Laws Lorem Parents must providethe necessities of life for their children. They must provide social and moral development, and they must control/supervise their child's behavior. medical care parents can choose how their children are educated. publicschool is free trough 12th grade. care and supervision parental responsibility for children'sacts earnings and employment parents cannot abuse or neglect their children parents must supervise their children and childrenmust actionmay take place when kids repeatedly misbehave if parents fail to supervise their kids, they will beresponsible for their kid's actions. parents have the legal right to take their minor's earnings
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