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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Introduction: How Creative Writing Works What Creative Writers Do: - Creative writers work with their intellect and feelings for people to enjoy or learn from.-"Creative writing is like photography: as a photographer you care about shape, emotion, human experince, etc."-Creative writers have learned to pay more attention to the world and their surroundings, practice writing about the things they have noticed or feel, and use writing and words from not only yourself, but others to expand it Questions Creative Writers ask: - "What is interesting about human nature?"- "What is it like to be a particular person with a particular set of problems?"- "Should i wait to write until i am inspired?"- "Do i want to be a writer?"- "What if someone critizises my work, and i don't want to write at all?" Six Tools to Make Sure Your Writing is Effeient: -Images: When reading a great piece of writing, your imagination is activated. You can hear, see, smell, and touch.-Energy: Sentences and lines should be energetic. The reader should feel momentum if the paragraphs and stanzas are put together perfectly. Energy is rythm, excitment, and interest.-Tension: Readers don't want you to explain everything right away. They like to figure that out themselves, to feel smart and intrigued.-Pattern: Pattern attracts the human eye, and repetition pleases the readers. Pattern can subtly show your insights, and repetition can help them figure out whatever the underlying message is about your writing.-Insight: Readers like to be entertained, and to see the world from a different perspective. Creative writing teaches wisdom and asked questions.-Revision: Rewriting creative work just means going back and really looking at the work in a readers perspective.
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