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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Schools to offer an elective subject toinstill civic-mindednessinto the youngergenerations. Document peoplewhom students havehelped for 30 daysand post thesephotos or videoson Facebook or Instagram. That insurgency towards Character Development. That over-emphasis on material wealthbut not graciousness. Uncomfortable to leave comfort zoneand the anxietyof making thefirst move to help others. People think their gracious efforts are weakand cannot motivate others tofollow. One takes the behaviour of one's company.Ungraciousness is caused by a bad culture that isslowly becominga norm. Lack of determinationto carry on the gracious acts. Personal gains tend tooverrule the thought of helping others. That peer pressure of associating graciousness with "uncool",even at the expenseof their personalprinciples. Graciousness Parents to spearhead an educational discussionwithin their zonesat Community Centresthat focuses on graciousness,so that they know howand what to teach theirchildren at home. Solutions Causes Family Values Elective Viral YouTube videos fromRyan Sylvia andWahBanana!about recognising gracious individuals to spread the message across to people who are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. Viral Videos Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Icebreaking games that are associated with the concept of reciprocality ofgraciousness to be played during orientations at school, workplace or any new environment. Reciprocal Games Influence the surroundingswith your leadership. Lead by example, so that people can follow correctly. Power of One Use true stories of people who have cultivated graciousness first-hand andbroadcast on TV to encourage the public to do the same. Power of Many Value of graciousnessis transient and canbe forgotten over time. Creative Assignment LIU RUIXIANG U1410620G
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