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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ASSAULTS AND POISONIN G What is the nature of the Condition/Disease?Assaults/Injury and Poising is the leading cause and hospitalisation for young people (which is having to go to hospital because of what has occurred. You can get poison from lots of different things including food poising, drugs and alcohol poising. Assaults are occurring more than they should be at the moment, this is associated with sexual assaults, and physical violence assaults. This can happen when it isn't your fault, sexual assaults can happen from non respectful relationships and physical assaults happen from a king hit or just a fight.Identify the risk factors for the Condition/Disease? Knowing that you could be a disrespectful relationship and keep on going with it is a very big risk factor because your partner are going to be treating you with disrespect, and not doing what they should be. Another risk factor is that when you are going out at night or being with the wrong group at the wrong time it could get you into trouble and the end result could turn into a fight which goes down under assault. tap and hold to changethis text! Explain ways to reduce the risk of developing the Condition/Disease.Ways to reduce it would be leaving your partner if they are sexually assaulting you but staying away from where the partner knows, another way to reduce it is by calling white ribbon but I will be talking more about white ribbon later in the presentationOutline the potential impact on health for someone who may be affected by this Condition/Disease. The health for someone that is receiving poison into them is very bad, very bad meaning most things are leading causes to death and If the result isn't death your health is in bad danger and will need help from a top hospital have something like food poisoning which is way different because you just go to a local doctor and the health of you isn't entirely to bad. For assaults your health can be different in determine what kind of assaults you get, sexually or just violence, being sexually assaulted doesn't make your health to bad unless you are getting hurt in the process and being used in a way you shouldn't be, being in a violence can out you in states of hospital with things like brain damage, broken bones, scull being hurt, and these violences can be ones where you aren't expecting it and most of these one turn a lot into death. The deaths of young Australians ages 15-24 from assaults and positing is 18% of these deaths. For males in assaults causing death is around 3% and females it is 4-5%, for accidental poising, it is 5% for males and for females it is 7%.The reason that woman are dying more is because in sexual assault it is the woman that is getting hurt or railed and killed, the reason of this is because the men think that they have more power and do the wrong thing
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