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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Boxer as the Misguided People male 30% The Russian Revolution was a time in 1917 that cause the Soviet Union to uprise. The Soviet Union was a group of communis m.Joseph Stalin was an evil man who wanted power. So what's not better than being able to work alongside something that encourages power and respect from its citizens. The USSR also the Soviet Union, is the economy and the basic and only type of governmen tthat rules over Russia. Once Stalin realized the power he had he made a choice. The choice was to rule over and make everyone praise him basically. That is when the Revolution started. female Boxer represents the miss guided people. Both Boxer and the miss guided people of Russia where tricked into believing that Napoleon also known as Joseph Stalin was there ruler and protector. At the beginning of the story in animal farm boxer proved himself to Napoleon that he was worthy of Napoleon's attention by being strong and knocking down the stableboy. If you compare boxer and the people of Russia you'll realize that they both help Napoleon and Stalin by making them as leader stronger and seemingly wiser to who they ruled over. In the story box Siri works harder so that he in the other animals can live a happier life while being blinded with his child like innocence. The people of Russia tend to put all of their beliefs into Joseph Stalin so that they can have food a good life,and no worries.
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