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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! Market Monopolies Front Cover Monopoly: Only one seller of a product that has no close substitutes.A monopoly has the least competitionin the market and the owner of the product can decide on what price to sell it.In today's market, there are many new designs and manynew inventions introduced.Sometimes the new inventionbecomes an monopoly. A monopoly has only one seller that controls its own prices and can sell at a high price because there are no substituteproducts and also no competitionto lower the price of the product.In this book you will learn about different types of monopolies such as:Natural Monopoly, GovernmentMonopoly, Technological Monopoly,and Geographic Monopoly. A monopolyis beneficial to those who invent newproducts that are successful and is a demand for it because of itspopularity. Author and Publisher: Alan Chen Front Flap "Thanks to this book I decided to invent something, Microsoft. Now I'm so rich because so many people use my program!" -Bill Gates "Got motivated to design these new headphonesthat became really popular and thanks to this book I know that i able to raisemy prices and receive many profits!"-Dr.Dre "Because of this book i took many advantagesof these stupid Americans and invented the petrock and made millions because of my new 'invention'."- Gary Dahl "When I read this review it motivated meas a construction worker to build somethingone of a kind, the Eiffel Tower"-Anomynous double click to change this header text! "What inspired me to write this bookis when I also, is a successorin creating new products and receivea huge amount of profit froma simplest thing, I believe that monopolies are the driving forcein the economy and I recommend that those who do invent something new, i recommend you make the mostprofit in a short period of time beforea monopolistic competition starts.This causes many people to sellsimilar products and thereforemight steal your customers. I hope this book teaches my readers what they needto know about our economy's monopolies." -The Smart AuthorP.S: Introduce this book to your friends The author Alan Chen's fatherwas an inventor who createtheir own customized furniture and sometimes sellit to their neighbors becauseof their neighbors request.Alan's father then decidesto make his own customizedfurniture business becauseof his great designs. His dadbecame very successful because of his new inventedfurniture. Alan then took overthe business when his dad retired advancing the designsthat are only one of a kind.Because its only one of a kind Alan made millions of dollars because of his designare being sold worldwideand since its only one of a kind,he sold it for a very high pricebut more customers wanted it.Alan is now a multimillionairebecause of his ability of pricecontrol. He shares his storyat the end of this book.
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