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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 U.S. Court of Military Appeals Tasked with jurisdiction over military members and the legal issues pertaining to them.Also determines the applicability of constitutional rights to members of the military. Tasked with hearing appeals of its district courts from its circuit.These courts are responsible with appeals pertaining to specialized cases,patent laws, and cases decided by the other courts. Highest court in the land,responsible for providing equal justice under the law. Acts as Guardian of the Constitution and tasked with judicial review of cases. U.S. Court of Appeals State Supreme Courts U.S. Supreme Court Highest court of the state,its responsibility is to correct any mishaps by inferior courts. State supreme courts do not hold trial, but simply are tasked with viewing appeals. U.S. District Courts State Trial Courts U.S. Court of Claims U.S. Court of International Trade Are tasked with hearing claims against the U.S. govt.This court's responsibility pertains to any monetary complaint against the federal govt. Are tasked with interpreting and applying customs and international laws to settle differences. They handle any complaints against any customs or international laws set forth by the govt as well. Are tasked with hearing almost all types of federal cases. Even with limits from Congress and the Constitution these courts hear any type of case from criminal to civil lawsuits. Courts tasked with hearing of specific cases depending on jurisdiction. State trial courts hold trials and are used to keep evidence recorded,they make findings based on applicable laws.
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