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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cost vs Benefits Cost vs Benefits Tradition and Progress Tradition and Progress ~Chivalry~Feudal Pyramid~Renaissance man~Christiantityunited people byone faith ~Religion~Knighthood~Oldest songets all land~Muslim Religion~Church~Families havecontrol over city-states Medici familylost power offand on Cost Benefits Tradition Religion gave security andkept every one involved however,a person had to be that religion or become it to live.Knighthood~ people looked up to Knights but they risked theirlives and always had to follow orders.Muslim Religion~gave someone toworship, but mustalways remain loyal.Church helpedgovernment but hadmass control overpopulous. ~Black Death killedmany people causing progressto stop.~War of the Roses~Differences in education meant people couldn't dowhat they wanted ~Watches, Clocks,Hour Glasses andWater Clocks helpedkeep time~Technical Advancements~Lenses helpeddevelop glasses andtelescopes ~Crop Rotation~Trade~Islam/Christianity~Golden Ageof Islam~Crusades~Printing Press~Rudder~Muskets Crop Rotation-crops more plentiful;off season.Trade spread influenceand disease.Islamic and Christianculture, religion,andtechnology spreading. Golden Age of Islam~doctors had to passtest=more talented;lessdoctors.People coming backfrom Crusades haddifferentways+mindsets-made new morals;churches unhappy.Printing Press spreadnews faster-morepeople learn to read(bible); made churchless popular.Rubber allowed steering-helped exploration+ trade;exposed disease.Musket=long-range shooting;injured many people Progress Benefits Cost
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