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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cost/Benefits of Morality and Progress Caitlin Fletcher Morality Progress Propaganda Propaganda can be deemed immoral. Using biased and selected information to get a belief or point across is wrong. Propaganda can also lead to progress.Cosimo used it to change the image ofFlorence from a joke with a young farmer boy ruling it to a respected and feared nation. With this theyconqured many lands such as Turkey. From this, systematic propaganda was born. Benefit! Why? In this case, it is worth using propaganda because it was used in the interest of the city as a whole. Patronage Patronage is immoral becausethe patron is only doing it to show off his money and wealth, not for the appreciation of the arts. It can benefit the artist, however.Vasari wanted to gain Cosimo asa patron to promote art. When Vasari achieved this, Cosimo promoted him. He was in chargeof all the art produced. This also helped the propaganda by making the art produced in Florence only the finest. Benefit! Why? Lots of people were patrons, so morals were disregarded. It also contributed to the propaganda. Church in Power The Church provided morals for people to adopt, but as society became geared into the Renaissance, people developedtheir own individual morals andbeliefs. Progress slows when the Churchis in power. People have gone back to traditional ways, which do not leave much room for newinnovations and ideas. Cost! Why? Having the Church in power is both a cost for progress and morality. It goes back to very simplistic times with narrow-mindedness. Block 2
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