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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COSTA RICA WOMEN AUSTRALIAN vs Costa Rica is a developing country ranked 62 on the human development index,whereas, Australia is ranked 2nd on the human development index, being a developed country SOCIETY/FAMILY SOCIETY/FAMILY Women have empowered Australia financially in the society. Although men a stereotypically depicted as superior, woman in Australia have achieved a high status and reputation.Women in Australia are usually assigned tohousehold chores and raising children. Women in Costa Rica face sexism and prejudice, violence against women is a major reoccurring issue. Costa Rican women have a higher unemployment rate and receive a lower pay for a job than men. Women still having the responsibilities of motherhood andwifehood,the women also take on the responsibilities that derive from employment. EDUCATION EDUCATION Education in Costa Rica is free and compulsory; women are able to receive education and resources without being judged. Women have the ability to get educated and have the same jobs and dreams as men do, of higher and qualified jobs HEALTH HEALTH Women in Australia are able to access free health care service, whenever they want. Medical centres are built in all suburbs across Australia. The life expectancy of a typical Australian woman is 82 years of age. Overall, mortality rates are low and everyone has access to sanitation. Not all women have access to sanitation or medication. However, there is a lower life expectancy and fewer doctors available at Costa Rica. Government and/or organizations improving women in Australia Improvement of teaching quality with qualified teachersStricter rules and regulations• “Women with Disabilities is an organization helping women with disabilities to go on with life alongside support and help. They provide extensive help in supporting these women via money from the governmentThe government is urgings women to get into work, meaning women would get the chance to work and have a career from the help by the governmentLaws created for womens equalityMany organizations created, in helping the women in need.• “Australian womens health network is an organization in which helps women in need with their health• “Country womens Association is a self-funded organization aiming to help women and kids who live in the rural area, and to give them a better life.
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