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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AZTEC INCA MAYA picture KEY FIGURE: AZTEC INCA MAYA 1. no one knows how they disappered 2. people thought that they were not warlike 3. they have a strong religion 1. they made many inventions 2. they placed nobles in charge of their many cities 3. they had no good farmland Similarities: 1. they all sacrificed people 2. they are all polytheistic 3. they are all below america Three theories for why the Mayans disappeared are.... Picture Summary Innovation Time : AD 1100-1533 ADReligion: polytheistic Government: emperor Time : AD 1325-1521 ADReligion: polytheistic Government: emperor By: Piper Santos 1. they had one city that was notdestroyed by the Spanish2. they had many festivals3. the Sapa Inca ruled everything. Aztec Inca Maya Mexico Gulf of Mexico Pacific Ocean Tenochtitlan Andes mountains Machu Picchu How did religion impact their civilizations? It impacted them because they had that special something thatmade them who they are. How did geography impact their civilizations?It impacted them because it worked on how they gardened and what type of farm land they had. How did trade impact their civilization?It impacted them because they could have many exotic things in one place. MesoAmerica Final Project Time : BC 200- AD 900Religion: polythistis Government: no central government The color red is an invention of the Aztecs. When the Spanish saw the bright color red they were mesmerized. Theymade the red dye out of a beetle thatlives strictly on prickly pear fruit. 1. warfare 2. disease 3. famine I believe the thriving Mayan civilization came to an end because ....of disease because they live where the bug lives. It isunderstandable how they got sick and fled. Diary: When I came to IncaI saw how much gold there was and I was astonished.The next morning me and my men went to the castle and attackedeveryone there.The Sapa Inca gave us a ransomto leave and we took itand killed the Sapa Inca then left.
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