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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spanish mother lies on survey Nieves Garcia filled out a 4question survey saying that her family speaks Spanish athome when her husband dosenot speak the language. I think that Nieves lied on thesurvey because she did not want her daughter to be labeled in thatway by taking personal English classes. What I think what will happennext is that Nieves will get introuble and that her daughterwill be confused of what theirsaying in kindergarten. The text made me think this because they it creates thisfeeling that she is going get in trouble One person I would like to have as a friend is Nieves' daughter because I think at the time of her not being able to speak Englishshe would need a friend. Do you think that a girl that speaks Spanish should take personal classesthat take away her learningtime and social life? Do you think that parents shouldhave the right to do something negative about thefact of there child speaking a different languge I think the girl should take the classes. I think that the parent should do somethingabout there kid speaking a different language. Nieves Garcia came to America when she wassix and had to take English learning classesher whole life. Now that her daughter wasenrolling in kindergarten she did not wantdaughter to be labeled the same negative way. She lied when she took the survey to enroll her daughter. California educators say its hard to identitywhen parents lie on there home taken survey.Another parent didn't say that her kids spoke Spanish either. Most parents still disagree to the fact that there kid has to take English classes.
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