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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hazel accepted the fact that falling in love with a grandewas okay By: John Green Theme Main Character oxygen tank and cannula with her at all times Hazel Grace Lancaster fear of two "grenades"falling in loveperson vs. person Hazel met Augustus at support group Genre Romance, Drama, Depression, Tragety Plot line cancer can affect anyone and you have to live with it, you can't change it. The Fault in Our Stars Thyroid and Lungcancer, that met in the lungs.person vs. self I am not the kind of person who can sit and ready a book for a long time but I loved reading this book and always enjoyed it. AR question Star Rating Hazel and Augustus started hanging out and sharing hobbies Passive, distant, negative Augustus was able to comunicate with hazels favorite author and set up a meeting with him andflying to Amsterdam Conflict with type Attends supportgroup and isenrolled and taking classesat MCC. Augustus confessescancer has spread inhis body again... thenthey wait to see whowill die first Why did Hazel want to go to Amsterdam? 1.To see her favorite movie actor.2. To meet her favorite Author.3. For vacation.4.To see her family. What happenedto Augustus' girlfriend? 1.She broke up with himbecause he couldn't see.2. She moved.3. She died.4. She didn't like himanymore. Okay? Okay. The story is about how everyoneis affect somewayand you have to accept it and still live life. 5 stars 2. 3. Appearance: Personality: Job:
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