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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: ShareAlike SO HOW CAN I GETPERMISSION? No Derivatives Attribute COPYRIGHT LAW? Intellectual Works... are things like ideas, software, compilations, etc. Artistic Works... are things like music, plays, and art Laws governing rights to use or distribute intellectual works or artistic works. Permission is needed to use these. is using a copyright protected workwithout permission and has legalconsequences it depends on the type of copyright license held by the owner.There are 6 types: Public Domain this license giveseveryone the rightto use and/or profitfrom a piece of work anyone can useor change this workas long as they givecredit to the original creator similar to an "Attribute" license, but the new work must be licensed under thesame terms as the original also similar to "Attribute" but nochanges can be made to the original work Non-Commercial allows derivatives and rearrangements to be made Copyright prohibits copies, often protectedby digital locks, etc. In The Classroom Copyright respecting the ideas of others is simple! Use citations and reference lists to avoid plagiarism in essays, presentations, plays, etc. Citations: - -Edu 210 Module 4 "Intellectual Property and Education" Activity, Group C
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