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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Saving Peoples Lives 27% 2012 2013 8% 25% En we lopen niet voorop Malaria Nets juli '11, '12 en '13 13% Percentage of People with Malaria Before Nets 21:00 uur Mosquito nets cut the rate of malaria down a lot Transferred by mosquitos 11:00 uur 3.4 billion people are at risk of malaria In Thailand en Zuid-Afrika zoekt 57% van de smartphone bezitters naar vacatures. Hongarije scoort het laagst. Daar zoekt slechts 18% naar vacatures via smartphone. Malaria is the number one disease that kills children. In Nederland zoekt 27% van de smartphone bezitters naar vacatures. 17% +192% 2011 3% Malaria Nets Directly Improve People's Lives, Especially In Poor Countries Pregnant women are most susceptible to malaria. van de smartphone bezitters wereldwijd zoekt via mobiel naar vacatures. Where is malaria a problem 63% Malaria, a severe disease. has impact on many peopele and areas around the worldMalaria effects people economicallybecause people have to purchase drugsto fight off malaria miljard smartphones in de wereld eind 2013 Adoptatie van mobile job search onder smartphonebezitters. 36% Percentage of People with Malaria After Nets Fun Facts 1,4 A majority of people with malaria is under the age of 15 Over 1,500 cases of malaria occur in the US annually Some side effects of malaria are high fevers, chills and headaches Malaria is not contagious Every second, a person in the world dies from malaria. The only way to get malaria is to be bitten by an infected mosquito One bed net can protect two people for up to three years
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