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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Guideline of the conversation when communicating with leads Great opening statements take practice. Refine them on paper. Figure out what tone of voice you want to use, including inflections and pace. Record yourself, and listen to your word choices and tone. Before you place a call, make sure the company is a good fit. Find the right person within the company for a quality conversation. All cold calls should begin with a short introductionexplaining who you are and for which company you work. You cant claim to be the only company offering this service. Instead, you have to set yourself apart from the rest by concentrating on a specific facet. Dont assume that the prospect needs a service, or definitely has the time for a call. Instead, show that you are flexible: phrases like depending on your initiatives will increase your credibility. Listening consumes almost 40% of the time in a sales cycle. Listening builds trust and credibility within your prospects. The more you listen, the more you are able to probe; the person trusts your credibility. After your opening statement, delve into dialogue, and communicate. Make an impressive introduction If your contact is impressed by your initial introduction, you earn more time to pitch further. Sound professional, confident, and add value to your message. Introduce yourself and your company Research the contact and company Be concise, explain how it relates to your prospect. Try to make it less of a pitch about your service, and more about the prospect and how you can help alleviate their challenges. Explain the benefit of your service Be humble Acknowledge youre different Listen to understand your prospect Create a dialogue Practice and rehearse Your questioning style is the key to intrigue the prospect and encourage responses. The order in which you ask questions will provide deeper insights about their needs and open the door to enter their world. Ask the right questions to probe
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