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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RELEVANCY 69% are activeonline buyers 72% are mobileInternet users 36% more hours watched on a weeklybasis than any other group25-48 minutes per day are spent viewing video online, exceeding the usage of the general market TELEVISION MAGAZINES 52% are more likely to be heavyreaders of magazines, 30% higherthan the general population (40%) RADIO 92% percent tune in to radio each week and listen for 5% longerthan the general market DIGITAL AAs are heavy users of audio/video media, video games, and socialnetworking extending across both PC and mobile devices. African Americans index higher than the GM on all usage categories ofmobile phonesSmartphone penetration is 78%among Black consumers withmobile video viewing at anincrease of 24 percent year over-year.62 % are more likely to feeladvertising content accessedvia mobile phones and devicesis useful INFLUENCE 73% of Caucasians, 67% of Hispanics believe AAs influence mainstream cultureAAs are 81% more likely to show support for a favorite brands via social mediaand 76% more likely to share opinions by posting reviews and ratings online than the general population "Companies mistakenly believe becausethere are no language barriers, that a general market one-size-fits-all strategy is an effective way to reach African-Americans. Just the opposite is true. It is not languagethat distinguishes connectivity with African-Americans, but a brands ability tounderstand the Black experience and cultural nuances that resonate with Blacks who are more receptive to messageswhen they feel valued."- Nielsen
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