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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Organization and the Organization Man and Consumerism Unbound Conglomerates major corporation that includes a number of small companies in other industries Franchises similar products or services in many locations with different owners but under the same name Buisness expansion boomed planned obsolescence because off... led to lack of originality Consumerism Goods = Success washingmachinesdryersblendersfreezersdishwashersTelivsionsPower lawn mowersgrills 60% Americans Middle Class x Out of date Buy this instead BUY IT ALL TODAYPAY LATER So you have your basic needs... BUY MORE and MORE and MORE how about you Advertiesments Everywhere Hundreds of New Products could afford more than the necessities Social Conformity - Majority of Americans white-collar jobs- Businesses did not want creative thinkers- Large corporations created "company people"- Teamwork, cooperation and loyalty were stressed crewing "belongingness"- The Organization Man by William H Whyte discussed these topics-Conformity replaced indiduality The Advertizing Age - Encouraged more spending- Ads in newspapers, magazines, on radio, on television, and on billboards- First TV commercial was broadcasted in 1941- TV became a symbol of pop culture- Physiology was used to create more effective ads- Ads appealed to desire of statusand belonging $6 Billion spent on advertising in 1950 $9 Billion spent on advertising in 1955 Buy Now, Pay Later - First credit cards issued in 1950- large items bought on installment plans - People made regular payments over fixed time- Home mortgages and automobile loansintroduced- Private debt grew from $73 Billion to$179 Billion- Americans spent money instead of savingit - Driven by consumerism, more goods wasa sign of success and
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