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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Residential Construction Process Before you begin you will need temporary electricity, toilets,water, and trash disposal. It isconvenient to have temporary accommodations if you live a long distance from your site. The depth of your foundation willbe determined by several factors:the local frost line, required foundation above grade, levelof sewer line, garage access,and other possible factors. In traditional platform framinga platform or floor is built ontothe foundation. The structure isbolted to to the foundation withanchor bolts and hold downand hold down straps. The roof is formed with pre-manufactured trusses or stick-built on site. They aredelivered to the site and hoisted onto the walls usinga crane. Insulation is placed betweenthe wall studs in external walls after wiring, plumbing,HVAC and framing inspection. Before insulation is installed,it is important to fill all cracks/gaps in the walls, top andbottom plates, around pipeswires and duct work and anyother penetrations in theexterior shell of the structure. The preparation for tile cultured marble and a fiberglass surround is about the same. The plumber installs a steel or cast iron tub, backing is attached around thetub (either water-resistant drywall (green board" or cement board), the surround is attached to the backing. The surrounds areinstalled after thepainting is complete.It is not a critical pathitem, and generally allthe surrounds can beinstalled in 1-2 days.
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