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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Popular Sovereighty A government in which the people rule. The people participate by voting.For example, people run for office, campaign for individuals who run, or protest decisions made by others. Republicanism People vote for people to represent their views. You can't have the whole populationvote on everything, so you voteon people who share similarbeliefs and allow them to vote.For example, today we vote forour mayor and town representatives. 7 Principals of the Constitution A system of governmentin which powers are shared by the state and nationalgovernment. For example, in our system, national government does have ultimate power, but states have a lot to say in what goes on. Federalism Checks and Balances Separation of Power This divides the roles of government into 3branches: Executive,Legislative, and Judicial.For example, if one person orgroup of peoplecontrol everything and take over, there are two other groups to put it back in its place. Each of the branches has a little control, or a check, on the other two branchesFor example, the legislativemay a law butthe executive branchmakes veto the law or the judicial branch may declarethe law unconstitutional. Personal Liberties and privilegesthat people are bornwith and can't betaken away. For example, the Bill Of Rights has the firstten ammendments wascreated to list all the rights, sopeople know when the GOV'Ttries to take them away. Limited Government Everybody has to follow the samelaws, even members of the government.For example, if a representative killeda man, he would face a trial just likeeveryone else. Indiviual Rights
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