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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Appropriate consent Customer:CDD done or CDD not done A reasonable person working in a casino had specific knowledge or specific suspicion, or had knowledge or suspicion of criminal activity giving rise to criminal property Knowledge that a customer is usingcriminal property Consent given within 7 working days Suspicious activity reportto SOCA post transaction Nominated officer to keep levels of knowledgeor suspicion underreview in the lightof repeated SARs Suspicion that a customer is usingcriminal property Suspicious activity reportto SOCA seeking appropriate consent Consent is refused within 7 working days, then a restraint order must be obtained by the authorities within a further 31 calendar days(the moratorium period) from the day consent is refused if they wish to prevent the transaction going ahead after that date,otherwise it can go ahead. In cases where consent is refused, the law enforcement agency refusing consent should be consulted to establish what information can be provided to the customer. If there is no feedback from SOCA or other law enforcement, then future transactions can continue and further SARs submitted, providing there is no change in circumstances Transaction may contrinue Must have reasonable excuse for failing to make report prior to the transaction.Where a customer instruction is received prior to the transaction and money laundering is suspected, then appropriate consent must be sought first.
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