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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Concussions are most often caused by contact with an opponent, team mate,the ground, or a piece of equipment or object in the playing area. Do concussion rates differ depending on your sex? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Boxing punch Football Tackle Soccer heading ball The 2011 study reportedthat the concussion rate for girls was 1.7 times higher than for boys. The 2007 study found theconcussion rates in high schoolbasketball were almost 3 timeshigher for girls than boys. .06 .10 .17 60% CONCUSSIONS IN SPORTS 60% In organized high school sports, concussions in Football accountfor more than sixty percent ofconcussions with an annual increase of 8% Impact speed of sports MPH V.S. Concussions! Does Gender Matter? .17 .06 .10 There is a rate of .17 concussions per 1000 athletic exposure in boys soccerwith an annual increase of 13% There is a rate of .06 concussions per 1000 athletic exposures in boys baseball with an annual increase of 14% There is a rate of .10concussions per 1000athletic exposures in Men's basketball with an annual increase of 17% The 2013 study found that 11.5% of injuries seen in girls basketball were concussions compared to 7.2% for boys. CONCUSSIONS IN SPORTS Lacrosse: Despite thefact that girls, unlike boys, do not wear helmets, 18.7% of girl lacrosse players seen for injuries in the emergency department are seen for concussions, compared to 15.6% of boy lacrosse players. However that does not stop football from having the highest rate of concussions How do concussions occur?
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