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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Concentration Camps Death Rooms: Daily life of the Conentration Camps: The name of the rooms they had at the Concentration Camps to kill all of those jews, was the :Gas Chambers room , Execution Wall and the Starvation Room . 27,000 apartments withthe average of 21/2 rooms was how may rooms they had for just killing the jews in . The end of the Jew: Here go some different death ways that hitler use to kill the jews:Euthanasia , Gas Chambers . Starvation , Execution Wall, Experiments.The Germans let the prisoners out of the Concentration Camps and the prisoners had to walk on foot to the train , Some did not make it.That's how it be known as "Death Marches" . At the concentrationcamps they were killing 6,000 jews each day . By: Verica Sanders 6th period At these Concentration Camps they had 6 ways to kill jews.Adolf Hitler thought that the race should be blue eyes and blonde hairand if you didn't have it you should have died. No , he was not main target jews . He did that to all the people that did have blue eyes and blonde hair. Adolf Hitler used the children as guinea pigs because they could not work or do nothingelse .The people who wasn't jews was still treated the same as the jewish was because they didn't haveblue eyes and blonde hair. Work Cited :,net/Nazi_Germany3_warsawGhetto.hml
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