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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Community Links Community Bronze Targeted at Children aged 6 - 12 and their parents. Giving children the opportunity to design posters for Street Link. Go out to fun days and learn about being neighbourly in a fun environment. Community Silver Targeted at children aged 12-16.Children have the opportunity to write articles and design the leaflets for Street Link in return for extra credit when applying for college. Community Gold Targeted at families and adults. Holding meetings so families can get to know their neighbours better and create a tighter community within Bournemouth.Also keeping families up to date with the progress of Street Link and important news within the community. Community Platinum Specifically for students aged 17-23. Mostly interested in Media Studies, ICT, English or want to gain experience in running social network sites and websites. The students get UCAS for participating and gain insight into running a company. Students will overlook the running off the website and social media sites. Ensuring the calendar is up to dateand that Facebook and Twitter pages are regularly updated. Community Diamond Targeted at the older generations, sticking to the traditional structure of Neighbourhood Watch. Community Diamond will hold meetings and participate in educating the other links about what Street Link is. Community Links The five sections of Street Link
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