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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COMMUNISM POLITICS What is the difference between communism and socialism? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Key points: Government controls everything No social classes 1. Trust in Governemnt 1.) The government should own all means of productionand land and everything else. SOCIALISM POLITICS COMMUNISM VS SOCIALISM 2.) Everyone's basic needs are met and everyone ownseverything. No one can privately own something or earn more money than some one else. Therefore, there are no social classes.Everyone is equal. 3.) There must be complete trust in the gov't. They make all of the decisions by collective "vote" or according to the state ruler. You are not allowed to disagree with the decisions of the state or else there will be a penelty. 1. Can coexist with different political systems 2. Provided services 3. Individualism 1.) They can exist within different political parties such as capitalism. Since socialism involves humans agreeing to make their own assets and base theirexpertise on the betterment of the society or nation as a whole, people can own their own industries that willbenefit other industries on the faith that everyone else will do the same. 2.) People are provided with free healthcare andeducation. 3.) Individuals still retain some sense of identity and personalfreedoms, but they are restrictedby what is good for the whole. ECONOMICS In a communist system the government decides what is made, when, and how much. Since there is no individualincentive, it takes away the incentives for people to produce more, better, more efficient products and services. However, a more productive, and moresustainable, system for an economy. ECONOMICS Production is owned bypublic enterprises andindividuals are beingpayed by the principlebased on the contribution.
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