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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COMMON MISTAKES WRITERS MAKE BY: BRADY KING MISPELLED WORDS SPELLING TRICKS All ready: this term means that someone or something is completely ready.example: Are you all ready?” vs.Already: is an adverb that means before the present time or earlier than the time expected. example: Are you already putting the tree up, its not even December yet! Apart: separated by distance or time. example: I hate being apart from you. vs.A part: a piece of something. example: Can I have a part of the cake please. Any one: any single person or thing in a group. example: I recommend any one of these books on this shelf. vs.Anyone: means any person. It's always written as one word. example: Did anyone see that dog run by?” Accident is often misspelled. People often use just one "c" instead of the required "cc". This phrase may help: When cars collide they make a dent. Chief is difficult to remember even though it does follow that "i before e except after c" rule. There is a "c", but there's an "h" creating a buffer. Try this phrase (but not before you eat!): The police chief caught him in elephant feces. .AFFECT vs. EFFECTAFFECT is a verb that usually means influence.E.g. Sleep deprivation affects my spelling abilities.TRICK: Affect is the action (verb).EFFECT is a noun that means a result or an impact.E.g. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on my spelling abilities.TRICK: Effect is a noun almost every time.NOTE: the verb effect also exists, though it is rarely used. It means to bring about.E.g. An authoritative body can effect changes in Canadian spelling.TRICK: In very exceptional circumstances effect can be used as a verb.
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