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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Common Mistakes Students Always Make in Problem Sums Some students are especially prone to this. Numbers get mixed up right from the get-go especially in the very first step.Thus every following working gets affected. Firefox Math Edition Chrome 1 Copying the wrong numbers Rushing towards the last answerin the last few steps Some students get very excited while some others just cannot wait to flip the page and get the satisfaction of having completed the question. Whateverthe reason is, many students are guilty of this. 2 Misreading information 3 Sometimes excitement and impatience can result in students copying the wrong details and information and using them for the wrong people / group. Not changing units 4 Some questions purposely incorporate 2 different units. Sometimes, the difference is barely noticeable at first glance. For example, 20 g and 22kg Writing wrong units for the answer 5 Occasionally, a question comes along and requires you to leave your answer in a certain unit. Many students however tend to overlook this requirement and lose unnecessary marks here. Using the wrong formulas When it comes to circles questions, under pressure, some students tend to confuse the formulas for area and circumference. Another variant of this mistake is mistaking radius for diameter or vice versa. 6 Answering ratio in the wrong order 7 Sometimes, students assume that the orderof ratio given in the question is the same as theorder that is required in the answer. Little do they know that they are about to lose precious marks. Answering ratio in the wrong order 7 7 Answering ratio in the wrong order Finding the answer to the wrong things 8 Question clearly states to find a certain thing but the student solves for a different thing as he assumes that he knows what the question wants. Typically common for over-complacent students. Wrong conversion of units 9 Under tremendous pressure, certain students tend to forget the conversion of certain units. Thus this results in a wrong conversion. Otherwise, another variant of this mistake is when some amounts are supposed to be divided by 100 instead of multiplied by 100.
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