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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 . 1.What college would you like to attend after high school? 2.Why this college? One Of the main reasons I would want to Go to Columbia University is because I want to have the ability to live in a big city, where everything is mixed and blended together. Another reason would be to get the chance to live away from home. 3.What is the minimum GPA required to be able to apply to this college? After High School I would like to attend Columbia University in New York City Columbia minimum GPA is a 3.00, but in reality one should have 3.8 and above GPA to be even looked at. 4.What are the average SAT and ACT scores you need to get into this college? The scores one should be scoring to gain admittance into Columbia University is for SAT 690-780, SAT 700-790, SAT Critical Reading 690-780. For the ACT scores should e between ACT Composite: 32 / 35,ACT English: 33 / 35,ACT Math: 32 / 35,ACT Writing: 8 / 10. 5.What high school classes do you need to take in order to apply to this college? Four years of English literature and composition Three to four years of mathematics (four years are recommended) Three to four years of history and social studies Three to four years of one foreign language (ancient or modern) Three to four years of laboratory science (four years recommended) 6.What are the minimum grades you need in those classes to be able to apply? Columbia is not looking for D'S & C'S but they are lookig for a student with Mostly A+'s and some B's 7.What is the biggest obstacle that you foresee might prevent you from getting into this college? On big obstacle is my grades, I am a alright student but I want to overcome that and have a high GPA my rest of my years at CHS.Another obstacle That I need to overcome is maintaining all of my extra curricular activities with school such examples include Football and Lasallian Youth. 8.What is one part of college life that you are most looking forward to? Getting able to have a chance that my parents did not have when they finished high school. Another thing I am looking forward to is to talk to people all over the world and learn with them.
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