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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cole Walz Born July 10th, 1976. Was two days late for my birth. Had troublefocusing on the wayout. By the age 4 I was ableto con my older sister into doing all my chores. My fourth grade teacher toldmy mom that I would be astraight A student if only I applied myself.I decided the window wasway more interesting andcontinued my path of mediocrity D Troubles in schoolcontinued and even got worse in high school Failed / Drank my wayout of college in the firstyear! Married in 1999and my first childa boy, was bornthe same year Divorced9 Monthslater! Managed to pursue and get the job of my dreams. Drank beer and played video games for the next few years. Somehow managed tostill be a good dad. Somehow I finishedcollege Became boredin my day job. Looked to starta online business Started a ebay businessGrew bored with that. Studied InternetBusiness like amaniac.Started almostevery type ofonline businesspossible Grew bored with each one Son diagnosedwith ADHD.I dont believeits true I continue to stuggle.Frustrated that I can'tcomplete business venturesthat I am passionate about. Remarried a woderful woman.Have 2 baby girls Marriage problems ensue.Wonder if any of this is myfault. Surely not, it has tobe all her. My son has ADHDMaybe it is possibleI do too.Nah, no way! I read a articleabout entrepreneurswith adhd.The gears in my headstart slowly turning I read everything that I can getmy hands on about ADHD.Umm yeah I have it! I attack ADHD like a fat kidattacks a cake.Therapy, coaching and selfstudy ensue Figured out how to controlmy ADHD and succeed inmy personal life and business. Started to think aboutall the other ADHDentrepreneurs still struggling Started www.adhdinternetmarketing.comto help other entrepreneurs succeed with ADHD Loving life! ADHD Internet Marketing
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