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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DiIntegrator v.1 SUPPORT HAS ENDED CURRENT OPTIONS: WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Take No Action Upgrade Enhanced level of support and access to experienced integration team New version includes additional functionalityImproved level of accuracy and visibilityReach broader trading partner community and easily adapt to most current compliance rules and requirementsAdditional ERP integration capabilitiesCompatible with New Windows O/S DiIntegrator is over 10 years oldthere have been significant enhancements allowing the user to havea better experience. You probably havent heard of the all new DiIntegrator R11. Fully compatiblewith any EDI system and with numerous enhancements that increase performance. We support ourolder DiIntegrator V.1 much longer than most other businesses in this industry, but we cant keepsupporting old operating systems and still move forward creating new and better products. Weve been supporting DiIntegrator for the past 10 yearsthat's longer than we've supported anyother operating system in our history and already two years longer than the standard 8 years of support we normally provide. Its time for us to look ahead so we can create better products and services for you and all our customers. R11 has been completely built to fit the most advanced EDI systems. Service level will degrade over next 3 quarters, expect to see longer response timesBy December 31, 2015 there will be no more support Current version not compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,8, and beyondCurrent version is costing you time and labor
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