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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HAND-CRAFTED COFFEE ETHIOPIAN Bright and balanced, withundertones of Blueberry, Dark Chocolate and Citrus. BRAZILIAN Bold, with undertones of Chocolate, Sweet Cream and Molasses. CHOOSE HOUSE BREW 2.25/3 Fair trade, ethically farmed and locally roasted.In a hurry? This brew is freshly made on the hour.Decaf available. Made-to-Order Made-to-Order 3/3.75 3/3.75 This hand drip coffee is made justfor you, give us a few minutesand well show you what coffeeshould taste like! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Also known as the press pot, this brew is hand-craftedto give you a robust and bold cup of coffee. OUR FAVORITE! STANDARD SPECIALTY COFFEE ESPRESSO CAPPUCCINO LATTE A pure shot of espresso to wake you up or keep you going! *Can be added to any drink* 2.25 3.5/4.25 A shot of espresso, with steamed milk and extra froth add a shot of flavor to sweeten the deal! hot or cold! OTHER A shot of espresso with steamed milk, little froth and if youd like a shot of flavor! DRINKS ESPRESSO DRINKS MOCHA CUBANO "RED-EYE" Espresso and freshly steamedmilk with the perfect amountof honey and vanilla. Espresso, steamed milk and some sweet chocolate, ask for whipped cream if youd like! Our CRAFT twist on theBREVE!!! House Brew + espresso shots! This is perfect to wake upin the morning or for anafternoon pick-me up! HOT CHOCOLATE TEA 2.25 Steamed milk + sweet chocolate, sure to cure any sweet-tooth! Choose from our hand-selected tea varieties! "POUR-OVER" Coffee FRENCH PRESS Coffee YOUR BREW 412 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV // (304) 900-3492 Call or ORDER ONLINE for DELIVERY featured: daily: 3.25/4 prices 4 3.50/4.25 3/3.75 vary add flavor $.50 GOLDIE HAWN 4.00 RAW CAP Our craft twist on the classicCappuccino, topped with asweet crust of raw sugar. 3.50/4.25 AMERICANO Super Simple!Our gourmet espresso with just the right amountof water. 2.25/3 FLIP OVER for MENU
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