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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 western worldview grows out of the renaissance western worldview grows out of the renaissance citizenship develops different place how did theexploration begin how did theexploration begin England France Spain was enviousof Portugal powerand wealth.decided to send the expeditions the power began tochange from the ruralareas to the cities. itdeveloped new identitiesof belonging the state aswell. so the power will be eqaul. in 1870 Italy was formedbecause Rome joined andmade it a modern the same timeGermany had formed anation. settlements werestarted to be set up inCanada in ontairo,Quebec and maritimes Portugal, France, spain, and England became more powerfuland leading playersin the exploration.because they had aperfect position fortrades to roll in.each place hada Atlantic coastlineand financed in explorations andstate of the artnavigation toolsand ships. england in 16th century worriedmore about tradethan rush tofund explortions the main points of chapter 3 France was distracted by the ongoing warwith England. but whenthey saw the Spanishwith lots of riches from their explorationsthey stop the war and went to north and west to look for some riches spain spirit of the western worldveiw the trades are growingand places are startingto expand and countriesare getting power andbeing able to take of some parts of other places. exploration lead toImperialism the empires hadexpanded their landfor protection and theiroriginal homes so theycould grow in power and takeover other parts of Europe. in the early1400s,Portuguese sailors headedsouth and east along the west coastof Africa Portugal
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