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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cocaine Leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxylum coca) have been used as a stimulant in South America for thousands of years but is still Illegal the drug derived from coca, cocaine popularly known as coke,blow or Bolivian marching powder has been credited with a range of health benefits.Cocaine can be used as a topical anesthetic for surgical procedures due to its rapid-acting numbing properties. When combined with other compounds into a preparation called TAC, cocaine can also treat minor skin lacerations, since the drug is an effective vasoconstrictor (narrows blood vessels). Some of the short term effects of cocaine are:Talkativeness and sociability.Extreme mental alertness.Nervousness and jumpiness.Anxiety, especially about being caught using.Irritability.Paranoia.Diminished decision-making ability.Insomnia.Tremors and dizziness.Muscle twitches and spasms. Long term effects are:HeadachesConvulsions and seizuresHeart disease and heart attackStrokeLung damage and disease (respiratory failure and difficulty breathing)Damage to the nasal septum (when snorting)Irritability and mood disturbancesAuditory and tactile hallucinations ("coke bugs")Sudden death - even one use can cause overdose or death street names:Form of CocaineBadrockCocaine powderBaseSmokeable cocaine/crackBallSmokeable S cocaine/crackBazookaCocaine powderBeamCocaine powderBeatSmokeable cocaine/crackBerni (ce)Cocaine powderBig CCocaine powderBig flakeCocaine powderBiscuits webwmdgooglemayoclinic
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