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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north east south east west coast represented Street Law Parents and Children Education Paternity Medical Care Discipline Support Emencipation Family Responsibility Laws -Parent must provide: food, clothing, shelter, educaton, and medical care. - In this instance child will be free of legalcustody of parents. -The Law enforces parent support for children.- DNA tests for determining parents are 99.9% accurate. - Some states require adult childrento support elderly parents - Most states require schooling from ages 7-16- parent who fails to send child to school may be fined.- Some seperation agreementsrequire support through college. - There is no required minimalhours to spend with your child.- States decide age childmay be home alone. - Parents may disciplinewithin legal boundaries.- Children must legally obey parents. - In some states proper petitioning willallow child to be emencipated Court may permit doctor toact without parent consentin life threatening situations.- Parents are forced, by law,to take child to hospitalwhen needed Care and Suspension - Parents may be help liable for children- Parents are legally responiblefor harm caused bychildren. Parental Responsibility forChildrens Acts Earnings and Employment -Parents have the legal rightto take all of minor child's income.-Parents may not however take any inherited money or recovery charges. Child Abuse and Neglect - Neglect is depriving the child of theirbasic needs.- Truancy and suicidal attemptsare often results of emotional abuse Sexual Abuse - Child sexual abusers prey on children on the internet.- Most states will allow child to testify in court through video tape or other means.
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