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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MOVE TO THE COASTAL PLAINS OF THE ARABIAN PENINSULA The Desert Is Bad For You!!! Interesting FactA lot of dangerous animals live in the desert. There are sand dunes that reach over 10 stories.These dunes are very dangerous and causemany deaths. NOW THAT YOU KNOW,YOU SHOULD CONSIDER MOVING TO THE COASTAL PLAINS!!! Do you like farming? If you do then the coastal plains are perfect for you.Here in the coastal plains, farming is very big. We irrigate our fields bydigging wells and building dams. Do you like trading? Well if you like trading too, the coastal plains areyet again perfect for you. The trade rating would be a 4 and a half stars.People come from all over to trade in the coastal plain's natural harbors.The Arabian Peninsula is in the middle of 3 different continents so trade isgreat here. The livability rating is a 4 and a half stars. The coastal plains have fertile lands with regular rain fall, water sources, good trade, and goodclimates. In the desert it's different. The trade rating is a 2 and a half stars because of the geography.The livability rating is a 1 star because there aren't many water sources, there isn't much vegetation, travel is hard because of the sand dunes that constantly change, farming isn't good and there are many dangerous things that live there. Do you really want to live in a desert where its hot, arid, and dry? A place that'sover 100 degrees F in the morning and below freezing in the winter and at night?A place that only gets 3-4 inches of rain a year? When it does rain in the desert,it comes down in violent storms. You should come to the coastal plains!Here, the air is damp and moist and we get normal rain fall. It's even got a beautiful view! Arabian Peninsula Coastal plains
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