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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Climate Change Effects Canada climate change will soon affects the speeds of the trees growth, and the length of time of the trees can live.Which would effect us and our country such as the amount of clean air we get from trees, and maple syrup which could effect our importing and exporting. Climate Change will effect us because it takes the risk of having wildfires which would effect us by cutting down the amount of trees like in Australia, and breathing tree ash would effect our health in our communities. Because of climate change, Canada is going some strange temperatures which would take away some benefits in our daily life such as winter sports, obviously hockey, and skating Climate change could effect the tree animals and cause habitat loss and less trees, because owls,birds,and squirrels have effect on the trees and the trees benefit and so do the animals, but if the animals leave then the trees could lose nutrient and health which we need for good wood to build communities the warm change in climate will have impacts on water quantity and quality across the country of Canada. For example, in the Great Lakes Basin, climate graphs and info predict changes in annual stream flow and lake levels, with the chance of constant flooding. In such cases, current sewage treatment facilities will not be able to treat the water do to the non-stop floods and stormsIn the Prairies, water levels in ponds, lakes and dugouts are forecast-ed to decline, leading to changes in water chemistry, which will mean less available drinking water in some rural regions. rural means:in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town."remote rural areas"synonyms: country, countryside, bucolic, rustic, pastoral;
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