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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I would like to produce in the Main TV Studio I would like to produce my show outside of PhillyCAM Production Management:3 week Planning and preproduction class offered 4x year. Basic Field Production(7 week Certification class)Learn: HD Camera, mics, lights, tripod TV Studio Crew(6 week Certification class)Learn: Operation of studio camera, studio mics and control room operations Producing and Directing(4 week Certification class)Learn: Directing, studio procedures,lighting grid, working with a crew TV Crew Practice. Before becoming a Certified TV Studio Producer you must crew on 4 studio productions. My show will only have 1-2 guests,what about the Express Studio? Intro to Editing: Adobe Premiere (6 week Certification class)Learn: How to edit with Premiere Where do I start? Congrats! Let's get started! Still need more help? Attend Media Lab Mondaysfor help editing your project!Ask Jay for more details. Keep an eye out for special topic workshops like Lighting, Audio Production, Collaborative Filmmaking, Storytelling, Acting & more offered throughout the year! Test Out options are available forBasic Field Production andEditing ONLY at this time.Same class fee $75. applies. What if I already have experience, do I have to take a class? I'm ready for the next level Express Studio (6 week Certification class)Learn: Operation of Express Studiocameras, mics and switcher Advanced Sony Camera:(6 week Certification class)Must have 10 Vixia reservations or demonstrated proficiency Still not sure which path is right for you?Contact Laura Deutch to discuss your production 1. Join PhillyCAM2. Attend an orientation3. Mark your calendar for class registration Orientation Dates:Jan 8, Feb 5, March 5, April 9 Class Registration Dates:Feb 14, April 14
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