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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 After the Boston Tea Party Britain was mad so Britain gave the colonies 4 new laws.These are that Bostons port was closed, Massachusetts could not have town meetings,Officials would be tried in Britain or Canada and British soldiers would stay in colonist houses.The colonist called them the Intolerable Acts. British heard about how the Minutemen stored colonial armsin Concord. So Britain went to get them. Ethan Allen ran a groupcalled the Green MountainBoys. They captured Fort Ticonderoga and took the British supplies. The Boston Tea PartyThe colonist did not like the tea act. The colonist dressed up like Indians and poured all the tea in Boston. 20% Delegates sent the Olive Branch Petition which said that they were loyal to King George the third and asked if he could take away the Intolerable Acts. On June 16 1775 was the Battle of Bunker Hill. This was the first battle in the Revolution. The second Continental Army started to set up the Continental Army and they chose George Washington to lead it. The Minutemen were waiting for the British at the other end of the bridge.Someone fired thereweapon and then a big battle started When George Washington got the cannons from the Green Mountain Boys he put them over the Boston Harbor so then the British left. Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense which talked about how colonist should get Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and then Congress read it and the signed it.
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