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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who?:Merle is a young stray dog.Ted finds Merle on his way to a camping trip and brings him along. At the beginning of the trip, Merle had little trust in Ted but bythe time night comes, Merle has lots of trust in Ted. What?:Their relationship starts off not being very strongeven though Merle showssigns of trusting Ted earlyon in their relationship.Soon they become best friends and have complete trust in each other. When?:Over their entire time together Merle and Ted went through a lot.The first time they met, they went hiking and camping together. Tedtook Merle home and took him tothe vet. Ted legally adopted Merle and began train him. He taught him not to chase cattle and to which houses he could go to. They learned a lot about each other too. Ted learned that Merle would not make a very good hunting dog.Merle was afraid of guns because he was shot once before Ted found him. They went on many trips together which included hiking and camping Where?:Ted lives in North-Western Wyoming in a small town. His house is surroundedby woods and farms so they saw lots of wildlife like deer and coyotes Why?:Merle and Ted became friends because Ted was extremely kind toMerle from the time they first metand Merle felt very comfortable around himand trusted in him completly. Who,What,When,Where,Why?Merle and Ted: Merles Door. By: Ted Kerasote "Watching him there, I learned that it was perhaps the dogs, not the humans, who had first realized what a team the two could be." Kerasote 66.
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