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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Civil War Across Five Aprils Top 10 causes of the Civil War 1.) Compromise of 1850-January 29, 18502.) Fugitive slave act-January 29, 18503.) Underground railroad-May 2, 18504.) Political Party Splits-May 2, 18525.) Uncle Tom's Cabin-May 2, 18526.) Kansas-Nebraska act- May 2, 18547.) Dred Scott case-May 2, 18548.) Bleeding Kansas-May 2, 18569.) Harper's ferry- October 16, 185910.) Election of 1860- May 2, 1860 Characters: * Jethro Creighton* Jenny Creighton* Shadrach Yale* Ross Milton * Bill Creighton * Mr. Burdow * Ellen Creighton * Matt Creighton* Eb Creighton { Went to fight in the Civil War. Fighting for the South During the war... Jethro is allowed to go to townand is stopped by two men whotalk about Bill's betrayal which upsets Jethro. Ross Milton ends up apologizing to Jethro and they become friends through most of the story. Jethro's father becomes ill and he must become the "man ofthe house". Men hunt down the Creighton's and end up burning down their barn and putting oil in their well. Cousin Eb deserted the war and Jethro tells no one and he takes care of Eb. Jethro finally rights a letter to the president, and gets a reply, granting the deserters allowance to join the army again if they wish. Shortly after this Jethro is told that Shadrach is critically injured. Jenny and Ross Milton end up going toWashington D.C. so Jenny can see Shad one lasttime. she ends up marrying shad and nursing him back to health. in the end, the confederatearmy surrenders, Lincoln is assasinated, andShad comes back to let Jeth start back up his studies. The death of Abraham Lincoln *assassinated (bullet wound)*April 15, 1865*Killed by John Wilkes Booth*in Washington D.C*Shot while watching a play atFords's Theater (a comedy "Our American Cousin"*he was 65 years old ~in the end...~ double click to change this header text! *Shadrach and Jenny are allowed to getMarried.*Shadrach comes back home and suprisesJethro.*Jethro is really sad about th death of Lincoln and want's to go see him but shadsaid it would be better if he didn't.*Shad tells Jeth that he is going to get himback in school and he is going to stop workingon the farm and focus only on school*everything seems to fall in place and int endshappily. END
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