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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cirrhosis is a consequence of cronic liver disease What is Cirrhosis? Causes AlcoholismChronic hepatitis C.Chronic hepatitis B. double click to change this header text! 10% in Chile dies from liver cirrhosis 18% suffer from this disease Symptoms Accelerated heartbeatAltered personalityAbdomen fills up with and a large tummyVomiting blood Related Disorders Excess alcohol Early Treatment Alcohol dependency treatmentMedications Advanced Treatment Liver transplantTreatment of swollen varices Prevention If you suffer this disease You must go to the doctoryou mustn`t drink alcoholYou mustn`t consume drugs or substances toxic to the liver You have to rest in the bedYou have to keep a diet lacto-vegetarian You mustn`t do physical exercisesYou must consume medicines if your doctor tellsYou have to get a medical checkup from time to time You mustn`t aspirin or puffinessYou must be careful its life expectancy is not is long What should the goverment, society? The government should promote a campaign to not to drink alcohol in excessThe society should consume less alcoholThe government should teach the consequences of alcohol The government should help financially in operationsThe society should help people who suffer from alcoholismThe government should promote the treatment of overcoming alcoholismThe government should recommend having a medical checkup constant You shouldn`t drink alcohol in excessYou shouldn`t share needles with othersYou should consume less saltYou should vaccinated if you have hepatitis BYou should Use a condom when having sexYou should not consume drugs or substances toxic to the liver You should avoid chemicals harmful to the health If you're going to work with chemicals, you should wear a mask and clothing that will protect you You should investigate on hereditary diseasesYou should get a medical checkup from time to time
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