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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 cinderella patterns double click to change this header text! cinderella was raisedby a happy mother andfather but one daycinderellas mothergot sick and diedbut one daycinderellas father ask if he can be with a lady named, termain,lady termain has two daughters named,anastia and drizella. one day cinderellasfather goes on atrip forand gets sick on the job and dies .but her step motherstays and fires all the servents because she couldn't pay for so she has cinderella do all thework and treats her as a servent when she goes to theball she dances withthe prince all night until12 that when she has togo home cinderella had to get away from the prince and his gardes while on her way homeshe has to get there before her step mother the mother find out that cinderella was at the ball the step mother hides her from the prince and won't let her try on the shoe that she left behind at the ball while running away from the prince cinderella gets out of the room and the prince found out who cinderella really was the prince and cinderella get married cinderella gets her happily ever after with the prince cinderella lives in the palace with prince charming cinderella is new Queen and lives in a palace when the step mother is being punished for treating her like a pesent cinderella and her step sisters get invited to the royal ball to help find the prince a princes cinderella makes adress hoping that herstep mother will love it but soon learns that they hate it and thatshe won't be going to the ball and then a fairy god mother comes and fixes her dress and gets her a cariage
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