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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strengths: He is optimistic because on the first day of school, he tried to look mad, like everyone else,but he just ended up whistling cheerfully. He is very obedient because when they were followingStacey to the Wallace store, he saidthey should not go. If they had listenedthen they would not have gotten into trouble. Weaknesses: He is always obedient,so when they went to the Wallace storehe didn't want to go, but his siblings didso he did. He is always happy, so whensomething bad happens he gets confused.He doesn't think there is any bad in theworld, so when something bad happens,he doesn't know what to do. Emotions He is happy all the timebecause he still has hisbutterflies and rainbows. Cassiesays that not much can makeChristopher mad. He gets scaredwhen he sees someone hurtbecause he doesn't understand much.The strongest emotion that he has ishis love for his family. Thoughts He thinks that he should obey hisparents because he doesn't want toget in trouble. He believes that he willget in trouble easily, so he gets scaredwhen he follows his sibling because they always get in trouble. He kindsthere is no bad in the world becausehe is still this little baby that doesn'tunderstand much. Physical He is a small pudgy black boy.He is around 8 years old. He wearsshabby clothing Diaglouge Christoper is not two faced becausehe is always the same with anybody.He is always happy, and always actsthe same around everyone. He doesn'tfeel the need to act differently arounddifferent people. Actions 1.He follows his siblings to the Wallace store2.He digs the whole with his siblings3.He whistles cheerfully instead of getting mad Motivations 1,He follows his siblings around becausehe wants to be a part of what they aredoing2.He digs the whole because he doesn't likethe bus driver3.He doesn't get mad easily because he is justa cheery boy and doesn't like being mad.
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