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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 what factors influence my families nutrition and lifestyle? what kind of nutrition does a typical family need? a typical family needs vitamins for growing such as vitamin C found in fruits. They also need a reasonable amount of carbs for energy. What is a lifestyle? A lifestyle is like the way you live. If you have a healthy lifestyle you are eating healthy and excersise. Lifestyles have changed because back in the 50's people had less gadgets and T.v so they excersised more. Also processed food started coming out in the 70's and thats when people really became unhealthy. What influences family nutrution? People can eat healthy or unhealthy depending on their mood. for example if your sad you might eat more or eat less. Also with all of the T.v, computers and other gadgets people in the 21st century move around less. causing bad nutrition. ANSWER TO MAIN DRIVING QUESTION:Families can have healthy or unhealthy lifestyles based on what they choose to eat and there activities. Some people may eat mostly junk food and have very little physical activity. They might spend more time on there laptop or watching T.V. Espcially right now in the 21's century where gadgets such as tabletsand smartphones are popular. people dont get off of them and excersise. Some people eat processed becauseits much cheaper and in budget. Processed foods are also becoming more popular astechnology is advancing. Also some people have healthy lifestyles and good nutrition. They eat a good balance of everything and excersise.
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